About Us


The National Health Policy Review is the leading online review dedicated to non-partisan health policies and issues. The non-profit Review was founded in 2014, and its mission is to increase knowledge and awareness to the general public on matters affecting specifically domestic health policy issues.

The Review is accessed by both a domestic and international audience, and its quality of content may serve those with vast and varying responsibilities and duties within the field of health policy: state and federal government servants, health industry leaders, advocates, and scholars, health care and health policy experts; and others concerned with such issues in domestic health and health care policy issues

Articles and Publications

The National Health Policy Review uses publicly available RSS news feeds provided by industry-leading organizations, in order to bring its readers the highest standard of content available in the field of health policy and related analysis. Articles from such sources are syndicated on the Review primarily on a daily basis, with each article linked to its original source, and full credit given.  Links to each post, as well as the containing site are provided at the beginning of each article.


Readers of the National Health Policy Review may subscribe to the free online service, and receive article summaries as they are posted on the Review.


The authors of the syndicated content on the Review include leading policy experts and scholars, medical professionals, policymakers, and health care industry leaders.

Topics Covered

The National Health Policy Review is a multidisciplinary, online platform which covers a myriad of health issues. For a full categorical list on the topics covered by the Review, please navigate to the “categories” tab to the right of this post.